About us

Recently a consortium of Russian businessmen put forth a concept, a germ of an idea to share the warmth and hospitality of their Russian motherland for all to enjoy - they created Europa Events and Banquet Hall. Europa has been around as a restaurant since 1995, but was recently renovated to bring that idea to life. It is now transformed with high ceilings, crystal chandeliers and everything that is needed to give our customers a fine dining experience of a European cuisine. On any given weekend, Europa is a microcosm of life’s celebrations with weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other mitzvahs. The night life is electrified with music, singers, dancers and assorted performers at Europa’s cabaret. Watch the show, dance with abandon and relish Europa’s multicultural cuisines; Russian, French and American – dining for everyone’s taste. At Europa, we believe no matter who you are or where you are from, that breaking bread together joins friends, families and strangers with laughs, smiles and the joys of their day.

Whether you are at a dinner party for two or a wedding of two hundred, it is about hospitality and creating lasting memories at Europa. Let Europa host your party at their beautiful banquet facility or let them bring the party to you with their catering. “A guest has not to thank the host, but the host the guest.” …. Russian proverb Dress Code:  Casual Elegant - Now that you save your jeans for the casual kitchens, and your blazer and khakis for business-casual settings —what can casual elegant presume? We are asking our guests to slip into dressed-up versions of their casual attire. This can vary, depending on the extent an individual wants to dress up. For him, it could be a dark suit or a button down with trousers, made complete by a sport coat. For her, a formal pants outfit, or a snazzy black dress complemented by an evening wrap or clutch bag would be perfect for such a grand scene. Both women and men will find turtlenecks, darker colors, and leather shoes to be universally accepted as supplements to casual elegant outfits.